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The internet is a top 5 lead source of prospects for your community and we�ve gathered some ideas on how to maximize your community's exposure.

Below are a few ingredients for a successful multifamily website.

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Let website visitors chat with you instantly. The demographic data tell us that our apartment shoppers want immediate answers so they can make an immediate decision about your community. Your competition doesn't have this "secret recipe for success." Easy to manage and only $250 one-time setup fee and $25/month for unlimited chat sessions each month. Visit

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Did you know that the average property fails to follow-up with 50% of the prospects they receive from the internet? If you want an easy way to consolidate all your leads and provide pre-designed email communications for your leasing team to use in follow-up…then visit

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Website visitors will be able to arrange furniture inside your floorplans and everything is built to scale. So that means if our interactive floorplan shows a king size bed will fit in the bedroom then it will really fit! We build all our interactive floorplans by hand and custom select colors to fit your website presentation. Only $150.00 per floorplan one-time fee. Visit to take a test drive. Just follow the link above and click "Room Planning."

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Did you know that floorplans are the #1 reviewed page on your apartment community website? This means you want to put your best floorplan presentation on display on your website. Only $175.00 per floorplan one-time fee. Visit for more information.