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Manage Your Mental Energy by Mizerak Coaching Insights

How do you create more mental energy?

Although many occupations and roles require time for decision making, we don’t build in time for rest, workout breaks, and thinking. Anyone who has had to make frequent, critical decisions throughout the day understands the importance of this. MORE

Ellis Edge 2 Learn Webinar "Fraud in Multifamily 2022"


Join national speaker and Vice President of TransUnion, Maitri Johnson, on Thursday, August 11th as she highlights what is new and noteworthy when combating fraud in Multifamily in 2022!

·  Do you know what this fraud looks like today?

·  Do you have tools in place to help you reduce the risk of fraud?

·  Do you know the different types of fraud that could happen to you and your company?

·  How do you put a fraud reduction plan in place?
Get the answers to these questions and much more in this dynamic and thought-provoking session on the state of fraud in Multifamily. 

Managing Burnout for Peak Performance by Mizerak Coaching Insights

Peak performance just isn’t what it used to be. Leaders, managers, and employees are on the brink of burnout. But it’s not just individuals: entire organizations are at risk. 

Within the first seven weeks of 2021, Harvard Business Review published six articles on the topic, including how the pandemic contributes to burnout, how to recognize burnout, and how to fight burnout. But what if we could avoid burnout and maintain peak performance? 

"A Better Manager for 2022" from Mizerak Coaching

How are you preparing to be a better manager in 2022? 

Employees look to their managers and business leaders to help them make sense of complexities within their own organization, as well as the external world. 

They seek reassurance that their own experiences and perspective is accurate, and that there exists an adequate framework to create and maintain stability and move forward. I’ve been thinking about this as events and news unfold this week. More than ever before, employees need to be able to trust their leaders. MORE

Ellis Edge2Learn: Social Media Engagement & Presenting Virtual Tours Effectively

It’s no surprise that the leasing process has experienced some significant change over the past two years. Today, a whopping 72% of prospects say they would lease an apartment sight unseen! This really reinforces the importance of having a great virtual leasing process and a strong social media platform. To ensure your community is getting everything you can from your social media presence, we’ll discuss four important social media concepts for engagement & presenting virtual tours effectively. MORE