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10 Secrets of the Most Productive Executives from edge2learn


Twenty-four hours are all we get - and most of those are not spent on-the-job. During the past few months, we've faced overwhelming physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Now we need to take care of our own wellness. Productivity is more essential now than ever before.

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What Building Operators Need to Know About Covid-19 and Air Filtration by Samantha Brown


Speaking plainly, air filtration has never really been considered a hot topic on most people’s radars, until now. Reflecting on what we now know, perhaps it should have been. Air quality plays an important role in our health. But up until a few months ago, only wellness advocates or those in the HVAC industry had given air filtration much thought. Then COVID came and stayed, and more people began to realize that good air filtration could mean the difference between sick and healthy, and in some cases, life and death. 

"3 Things to Consider for Keeping Residents Longer" from edge2learn

You have probably heard the word “virtual” used over and over the past few months and you may be getting sick of hearing it! Even though a need for virtual leasing exists, that does not mean YOU need to be virtual. You must continue to be 100% present, even amid these virtual accommodations we’re working to provide.

What is your primary purpose onsite? It’s to make money for the management company. The best way to do this is to provide exceptional care and service to our residents and prospects. Consider your job title to be “Value Enhancer”. When you find yourself unsure of the best decision, ask yourself what will do the most to increase the value of the property. This is always best accomplished by taking care of people, including one another in the office. After all, the best way to take care of and make money for the owner is to take great care of your residents! READ HERE

3 Habits of a Highly Memorable Leasing Professional

When your customer walks out of your leasing office, they will often remember the smallest of details. Was the leasing consultant nice to me? Was the bathroom clean? Did I see any trash outside? Was the staff as pleasant to the current resident as they were to me? These are just a few tiny factors that can cause a person to feel good or bad about their customer experience and can help you shape your apartment leasing training. According to a Walker study, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Regardless of how small, all experiences are significant and evoke emotions and responses in your customers. Customers don’t necessarily buy a memorable product. They buy from a highly memorable leasing professional. While there are many unique habits of a highly memorable leasing professional, here are three you can consider honing through an apartment leasing training program.