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Third Quarter 2018 Benchmark Results for Mystery Shops and Resident Surveys Executive Summary from ELLIS

For more than three decades, Ellis, Partners in Management Solutions has specialized in helping the multifamily industry achieve their business goals. We offer a turn-key integrated customer experience program, backed by our outstanding customer service, sophisticated technology, and ethical business practices. Today, our mystery shops, resident surveys, and training are resources that can be used independently to address specific needs or together for ongoing employee performance optimization. DOWNLOAD REPORT

Here’s Just How Powerful the Right Product Recommendations Are…from Marketing Charts


Product recommendations that don’t generate any engagement from a site visitor may as well not exist – as they don’t have any real impact. But the right recommendations? Well they result in significant boosts to purchase rates, average order values and even return session purchase rates, according to Monetate’s latest Ecommerce Quarterly report [download page].

To arrive at its conclusions, Monetate analyzed more than 700 million e-commerce sessions, analyzing the impact that the right product recommendation can have on the customer experience and short-term conversions. (What’s the “right” product recommendation? It’s one that inspires some form of engagement, whether that’s a click, an add-to-cart or something further.)

Even merely a click on a recommended product is associated with higher performance. Here are some of the uplifts tied to a click on a recommended product, as opposed to just an impression:

A 70% higher purchase rate within the session;
A 20% higher likelihood of returning for a follow-up session; and
A 55% higher purchase rate in a return session.
As such, the right product recommendation doesn’t only boost conversion rates, it also generates further on-site engagement in follow-up sessions.


Best Online Reputations of Top 50 Management Companies Announced

The Online Reputation of the 2018 NMHC 50 Managers: Who Ranks in the Top 10?
The Bozzuto Group takes top honors for the fourth year in a row, with an ORA of 80.76.
By Joseph Batdorf
In the recently released 2018 NMHC 50 Largest Apartment Managers ranking, we learn which property management companies have grown in terms of size, but how have these firms performed with regard to their online reputation?

The April ORA Power Ranking features the top 10 of the NMHC 50 managers by online reputation. (To view last year’s ORA list, visit 2017 Top 10 Managers of NMHC Top 50.) READ ARTICLE

Time Management Leadership for Pros by Tara Carter


VISIT INFUSE INTERVIEWS and hear Tara Carter, President of Dodson Properties speak on time management techniques, hosted by Leslie Mizerak, Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator.

Time management can still be a challenge for many managers, even in light of sophisticated software tools. Ms. Carter shares helpful insights gained through a history of management expertise on how to manage your time and help those around you manage theirs. 



IREM: Your Four-Legged Friends and The Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) prohibits landlords from discriminating based on disability, race, color, national origin, religion, sex and familial status. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodations, communications and state and local government activities.

Both laws contain provisions which address the use of service or companion animals by people with disabilities. While the FHA covers nearly all types of housing, some types of housing, such as public housing, are covered by both laws. Landlords and property managers are required to make a “reasonable accommodation” for both service and emotional support animals. READ ARTICLE

2018 Multifamily Trends: Learning from Homeownership Demand

In a candid exchange with MHN, Jay Lybik, vice president of research services for IPA, a division of Marcus & Millichap, detailed what’s driving the sector’s growth.
Jay Lybik—vice president of Research Services for IPA, a division of Marcus & Millichap—advises institutional and major private real estate investors. Recently, Lybik held the following exclusive interview with Multi-Housing News to discuss 2018 multifamily trends. In this candid exchange, Lybik details the driving forces behind the U.S. multifamily sector and the changes that will impact the market in coming months.

Many of the headlines in the multifamily sector focus on coastal and gateway cities. Are there regions or markets with additional growth potential that are under the radar? READ ARTICLE

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5 Steps to Overcoming Objections

By EPMSOnline

Objections are a fact of life.  Working in the apartment industry, it’s completely normal to hear “no” more than “yes”. When you encounter an objection, avoid either pushing too hard or running away. Neither works if your ultimate objective is to sign a new resident lease. Learn to be assertive without being aggressive or pushy. Your future residents will appreciate this.

Address Objections Now; It’s Crucial
Within 24 hours, most people will forget up to 75% of what you said to them during their apartment and community tour and within 30 days, that figure jumps up to 90%! Although not all lease sales are made during the first visit, it is important to try and address any major objections right away, while everything is still fresh in the prospect’s mind.  This can help boost the number of first-visit leases you earn.

Dealing with Objections in 5 Steps...CLICK HERE to read more.